Bench seats, poised

f/1.7, 1/50, ISO 100

Moving on

f/1.7, 1/310, ISO 40

Do not exceed, yellow line

20190820_160752 (Wait behind line)

Sitting (in the rain)

20190719_143726 (Sat,waiting)

Sitting in the rain – The underdogs

Little did I know that John Mayall did it first.

Head, space

20190719_143549 Head space

Touchy-feely, lets take it home!

Tech in South Korea never ceases to amaze me in the turn-your-head ability. This particular piece of tech is a digital signage board/ information board as seen on a subway platform at Sindorim station, Seoul.

Entirely interactive, it shows neat sutff like up and coming movies, events and the like. The ‘killer app’ I’d like to see is an interactive Seoul metropolitan subway map. It might exist, and it would save alot of confusion when out on walks.

Internationally, this knocks the socks of anything that the Wellington metro suburban railway system can put up, but a brief search of the shows that there are plenty of countries with digital signage boards.