Baristiac observations

Ingress, to caffeination

IMG_20171223_160711B&W (The entrance, to caffenation)

Covert, coffee consumption

IMG_9998 (Covert consumption)

Coffee, with cream?

Part of the under belly of Korean culture is the Da Bang. A da Bang is more or less a glorified coffee shop. The prices are inflated because in addtion to the over priced coffee, you get a girl to drink it with, and engage in witty conversation. There’s money to be had, in serving filal piety. I’ve seen girls taking the show ‘on the road’ as they get into cars or small vans to render their service off premises.

Small vans, in an even smaller town, with an aging population. The girls I’ve seen seem to be aging with the population, as an intial impression might lend to young and beautiful.

Hot coffee, usually taken orally

Having sat down in front of my computer. I proceeded to fall asleep. Who knew that surfing the internet could be so soporific. Meanwhile students were playing a noisy game in the other room. A sudden surge of noise woke me up with a start. The coffee wasn’t pipping hot, but enough to bring me around. Talk about a trouser accident. My lap, the floor and part of the desk infront of me had coffee on it. But mainly on my lap. Ouch.

I had to go home and change. One of the advantages of my new apartment (size not inclusive) was that it was close to the school I was teaching at that day. I’ve got to learnt to place my cups of coffee to one side, and not infront of me.