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The restaurant

20181108_183939 (The restaurant)

Iskender, stripey and delicious

20181105_170806 Iskender (2)

Iskender recipe.

Get your greens here

20180824_155016 (City Green)

Corner shop, a recipe


Even with the advent of supermarkets, corner shops still manage to get by, selling all sorts of Cantonese specialties such as lap ceung (腊肠).

That reminds me of a quick, one bowl recipe involving lap ceung. Good if you’re sick, the  recipe is for one serving.
Matchstick about 1/2 a lap ceung, add to 3/4 of a bowl of steamed rice. Add a raw egg and light soy sauce to taste. Top with diced spring onion. Mix and enjoy.

Time, standing still

IMG_20180330_142117 (Time, standing still) (2)

Guangzhou, is often seen as a city to make your fortune, a city of great riches. But the big contrast is that there is poverty there if you look.

Endless, in it’s fascination


IMG_20171117_183511 (endless fascination)

Distracted walking and now distracted eating. She was dining on her own so, her smartphone made the perfect companion.