Making steps, towards

20181106_073017 Steps toward

Baristiac observations

Covert, coffee consumption

IMG_9998 (Covert consumption)

Endless, in it’s fascination


IMG_20171117_183511 (endless fascination)

Distracted walking and now distracted eating. She was dining on her own so, her smartphone made the perfect companion.

“Only mussels and chips” oh, the humanity!

Jiang eating mussels before.jpg


It wasn’t the name of the cafe that was interesting, but they had mussels on offer for lunch. I found out the name later when I paid up at the till. I ordered a Leffe brune¬†beer while my other half had a Leffe Blonde. Both enjoyable with the accompanying food; a sampling of grilled mussels and steamed mussels¬†(pdf). Sometime later, both of us were a stuffed, as my order of mussels came with chips, and we were all getting on a bit on the soused side. The real tragedy in all of this? There was so much of one dish to eat we didn’t finish any of either dish. Though my wife did later have a hankering for steamed mussels. Getting on the piss will do that to you.

Jiang eating mussels AFTER.jpg

Oh, the humanity!