Felt up, comes with doodle pad

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I finally got to ‘test drive’ the new digital signage in the Seoul metro stations. It does indeed have a map of Seoul in it, replet with overlays of the train tracks. Also included in what you might call a kiosk, is a telephone. Useable with your transport card. It even has an mini touch screen scratch pad so that you can take down notes, or just doodle. I saw a passing woman use this feature for just this activity as she spoke on her handphone.

Nothing spared here. I wonder what computer support it uses? Overall, impressive.

Touchy-feely, lets take it home!

Tech in South Korea never ceases to amaze me in the turn-your-head ability. This particular piece of tech is a digital signage board/ information board as seen on a subway platform at Sindorim station, Seoul.

Entirely interactive, it shows neat sutff like up and coming movies, events and the like. The ‘killer app’ I’d like to see is an interactive Seoul metropolitan subway map. It might exist, and it would save alot of confusion when out on walks.

Internationally, this knocks the socks of anything that the Wellington metro suburban railway system can put up, but a brief search of the shows that there are plenty of countries with digital signage boards.