From moist and humid, to white and spotty

Bag harness, clean

The last embers of Summer are just about to go out, and Autumn in Korea with it’s cold and grey will come. All of the seasons here have their salient points. In Summer, it’s hot and very humid, while Winter brings it’s covering of cold and snow.

The funny thing about Summer as it’s humidity is that it also brings moisture and mould. I’ve seen some of my backpack go mouldy almost overnight. Granted that it was dirty to start with it was with great irritation that I cleaned the mouldy area by washing it with soap and water. So it would seem that if any bag is not well used and is left in the wet, humid air, it will go mouldy. So it was with the harness of one of my camera bags. White spots, with fuzzy borders. Cleaning it was no problem as it was a camera bag of many parts.

It can’t be that hot, and things can’t be that bad


Things had gotten so hot, that Miss Lee had to take her own fan everywhere she went, just to keep cool.

Sometimes props and circumstances just combine to make the funniest photographs. Aside from the apparent discomfort from having their photo taken, the woman, by the looks of it was just transporting the fan from A to B.

A beer, the backyard and Tootie

Far from the maddening crowd, I enjoyed a beer on my brother’s porch, with only Tootie the cat for company.

Look beyond the superficial, death only has four blades and a motor

Koreans verermently believe that if you go to sleep, in a sealed room (windows closed) with an electric fan going, you will die.

It’s then rather odd that I spend most Summers doing just that. The closed windows keep out the mossies, and the fan is to keep me cool. Some mornings I’ve woken up in a sweat. Koreans have erroneously linked the death of a person with his death.
One Summer, there was a spate of deaths, all of them attributed to sleeping with a fan on.

Please. Logically, the individuals who died would have from dehydration, or heat stress, or a number of other culminating factors. Electric fans not inclusive.