Deconstructed and undone

20190509_155928 (End of the line)

Guiding light

20190112_220903 (Guiding light)

Like father, like son

20181214_085028 (Like father, like son)

Lime scooters have hit Lower Hutt. A form of shared public transport not unlike the shared bike in China, but with a zesty twist.

Game over

20180828_082053 (Game over)

Minis, in their natural habitat

IMG_1349 (Minis in thier natural habitat)

I have to admit a little bias towards the Morris Mini since, my first car was a mini. I was old, unreliable and needed fixing every weekend, but I loved it despite of it’s lack of road worthiness.


IMG_20180303_175628 (Electrifiying)

Gingko trees? Pinko trees!