That’s interesting

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The study is intense


Touchy feelly, no more

Interesting and colourfull, but belying it’s colour, it has a serious message. It’s a public message extolling the rights of women in general. Don’t touch my butt, I’m not here to pour drinks for drunken old farts, nor am I here to be ogled at, or to tolerate dirty jokes. Womans’ lib hasn’t reached Korean shores nor, in my opinion, ever will.

The pre-existing culture is definitely male-orientated, but female bosses do exist. The CEO of Pagoda hagwons is a woman, there are female principals.  But in becoming more assertive, is contra to the projected image of the young, umarried woman in the 20-30  age bracket whom the ad is directed at. Put your foot down at the expense of looking tough and going unmarried? Maybe not.

Drinkin’? Just throw away the line

If the question were answered, it could be answered with  some sort of alcoholic drink. The marketing people who coined it, may have had one too many drinks on their working lunch. But in relative terms, this could be in any country, not just Korea. For once, the grammar and collocations are just perfect. Pity it’s on such a throw away line.

Bum and tit, asses and elbows

Pictures can quite often transgress the language barriers. Looking at the bus-stop advertisement, the picture was quite literal, with their wares quite literally out for show.

National health insurance should be proud of themselves for being an absolutely transparent operation with their services. According to my wife, the advertisement says that you should periodically check for cancer (see picture). The ad does this, rather graphically.

How to use an escalator, well, no kidding

Eye-catching on first glance, superficial information only to be had. Or so it would seem to the casual eye.

The bullet points roughly translate to:

  • Hold onto the handrail
  • Stand inside of the yellow line marked on the step
  • Don’t run while on the escalator
  • Children and the elderly are to be accompanied
  • Take care of your clothing or belongings so that they don’t catch in the steps

It’s obvious that some people seldom ride escalators, not enough so that they’re a hazard to themselves and perhaps to others.

A search of google revealed that there is a rhyme to the reason for all the escalator safety posters.  People tripping up on the steps of course, but why are they taking tumbles on the moving stairway? The article couples escalator safety with the walk on the right veto, which according to the article, isn’t being taken all that well.

High-five university, graduate with a knuckle sandwich

Unlike Bikini university, you could graduate with a serious degree.

Or a broken nose if you fail to graduate. From whom the clothed arm belongs to is another matter altogether.