Leaky watch, always on time


“Of course it stopped. It’s a stopwatch.”

Well not quite, but that was the first thing to stop working on my 4 year old Hong Kong bought, Titus timepiece. It did keep accurate time, now it only tells the time only twice a day. I think it may have sensed it’s own coming replacement and instead chose to commit sucide.

Namdae mun, history rising again

After being burnt down in a fire started by some madman in 2008. Namdaemun, after a time, is rising again. Seen from an opening in the side, the base sits renewed albeit with spot markings on their ends. Presummably to aid their proper placement. Logs sit to one side waiting to be used in the reconstruction. Can’t wait to photograph the reconstructed gate.

Driving test manual, gets the car tart?

Not so much blatant advertising but a flirty book cover for the driving education manual. Theory and mock questions and the other requisite street signs too. Since most of the learners are teenages, the incentives are there. Get your license, get a car tart. For such a weighty document, it serves absolutely of no use at all. Drivers on the road breaking every rule, taxi drivers ignoring red lights, bus drivers doing whatever they want. For me, I’ve stayed away from the drivers seat. Too dangerous. What has four wheels and handles?! Looks ridiculous. Parked where-ever he pleases, it’s parked by the bus stop. I can only imagine a 4 tonne bus hitting it, there wouldn’t be much left at all. (Nothing would send a stronger message than having a bus ride up, and over your ass). Don’t park there!  The police force here must have an incredibly difficult job at times.

Bum and tit, asses and elbows

Pictures can quite often transgress the language barriers. Looking at the bus-stop advertisement, the picture was quite literal, with their wares quite literally out for show.

National health insurance should be proud of themselves for being an absolutely transparent operation with their services. According to my wife, the advertisement says that you should periodically check for cancer (see picture). The ad does this, rather graphically.

Four wheels and a seat, not a car?

So goes the old joke about anything having handles and wheels being carry-on luggage but, so do cars. Though this fact hasn’t stopped enormous bags being taken into the cabin.

This visual example of Korean tunnel-vision isn’t the only one I’ve shot.  Off to one side, she’s not bad as the old-boy on the tractor. Mobility scooters are becoming more and more common. I’ve seen them on the subway trains in Seoul, and thankfully with no problems occurring. One such news report of Korean angst and almost instant karma features one such mobility scooter and it’s not so cool rider.