Center stage

IMG_20180729_195633 (Center stage)

An assortment of Korean drums, but, center stage is what’s called the “Jang Gu” (장구). This is what I think of when Korean music is mentioned. Oh, and what they pass for cymbals, or a Kkwaenggwari. What looks like a steep-sided soup bowl entirely made of brass. Well played it’s good. When it’s not, descent can be heard for miles around. But, back to the Korean drum band, they were entertaining.

Red sky

20180721_072651 (Red sunset)

Nothing, to waist

20180723_152658 (waist not, want not)

Experiencing, drop -off

20180723_163341 Dropping away (2)

A memorial, a silent witness

20180719_132122 (A memorial, a silent witness)



IMG_1743 EDIT (Fern frond, unfurls)



Fibonacci, plant

20180719_102540 (Fibonachi plant)

Nature it seems is very conservative in it’s motifs. It uses the same forms over and over again in different varieties of plants. This is another example. This time it’s of a waxy evergreen plant, but the pattern is there.