The A-Z of Sinchon to Hannam

the Loch ness monster

Hiking along the Han river is one of my preferred activities when the weather is good. The spirit was definitely willing even if the flesh was severely assaulted by furnace like temperatures. What began as an enjoyable stroll along the Han river (in Seoul) later became a test of will not to pike out and take the bus back to the relative comfort of Yongsan station before our destination. We did make it to Hannam dong in the end, but were absolutely spent. We patiently waited for the big green bus to trundle down the road to pick us up. The air conditioning was absolute bliss.

We did the normal things while walking; taking photographs to remember all that we’d passed, commented on how brave the water skiers were to do it on the Han river (the water was a light-ish brown that day), and stopped half-way to drink some cool water and eat snickers bars. A minor over-sight on the temperature side: snickers bar had under-gone melt down of Chernobyl proportions after being stuffed into the side pocket, but in direct sunlight. Consumption involved sucking the melted contents of the packet. At no time was chewing needed.

One thing that we did discover was that there are live trout in the Han. We saw them jumping a water barrier to get upstream. It was akin to seeing the Loch ness monster as no-one would believe you there were trout unless you had a photo of it leaping from the water out of desperation to get clear of the muck.

And like the Loch ness monster I only had fleeting photographs of them, patience not being the tone of the day.

Good-bye yellow brick road

Good-bye yellow brick roadWith the lease expiring on our apartment in Guro Digital, so ends a chapter in my life that I can look back with more a jaundiced eye.

Have you seen my mummy?

lost peopleOr Daddy. Korea in some ways is like America, having lost people. All ages from very young to very old simply go missing. Is this phenomenon the influence of North Korean spys abducting unsuspecting victims or is it just the lack of street signage?

Sitting on the floor, censors gave it a ‘G’ rating

CITeacherKidsTalking_260The nutty thing about Korea and Japan customs is sitting on the floor. You go to any Korean restaurant and it will have you sitting on the floor, for me, not a raptuous feeling, but more of a feeling of discomfort.

In Japan it’s so stylistic that females and males sit differently, while the seiza position (knees in front with your feet tucked under your legs) is gender neutral. Even more strangely in Korea this is the position given as a way of punishment. You’re being punished and are uncomfortable sitting like this. The meal exclusive of this, sitting in any position for me is pain in itself.

The Eumseong Grand Prix

The Eumseong Grand PrixWalking around with a big-ass camera does occausionally yield crackers of snap shots. This is one of them. You could call it old meets new with avengence. Old boy pulls out onto the road, and doesn’t pull over. The traffic just backs up. Black car, in a hurry pulls past and honks irrately at the old boy on the pull tractor. Korean culture all over. Classic.

A touch of envy, I was just looking


Luckily the catalogue was well endowed with pictures, as it was Korean catalogue showing Canon cameras and accessories.

Being rather strapped for cash at the moment (overheads of renting the chateau in Seoul).

Just seeing the catalogues was pain in itself.

Remember the 80’s? here’s Elton John

Elton John

Elton John

My listening tastes were varied and admittedly, few during the 80’s. During Split Enz but before the coming of Megadeth, I used to listen to Elton John, all of one album.

Listening to him last night I woke up this morning with… a head full of Elton John tunes. I could have not asked for a better artist to wake up to though, those tunes are catchy!