Just a night out, camera in hand

Asan apartments at night.jpg

Not the moon but taken at  f/3.5, exposure 0.5s, focal length 18mm

I’ve taken shots of the moon before, and even ‘red‘ moons. This time out, I didn’t even take my ‘super zoom‘ lens. Instead I opted for the gear I had in my photo bag. But knowing that the ‘shot’ would be at night I’d brought along my tripod.  The affect of this is to greatly increase the effectiveness of my stock lens. I’d done some reading before hand and I was informed that increasing the f-stop value (closing the aperture) doesn’t make much sense since the situation has lack of light. However, reading what more experienced had done does make my shot taking less of a frustrating experience. I was quite pleased with the initial photos taken outside, but also knowing that Canon RAW files can be processed further on computer, The result is what you see here.Welsh rarebit.jpg