Indulgent kids, screen fulls of icons

For 500won, you too can do this to a computer. I would be quite surprised that it was even able to be switched on. Looking closely at the icons, they’re shortcuts to games, signifying that mostly young users have had their way with the PC and the result is what you see before you. This is not unique, as I’ve found other coin operated PCs like it since.

More cheese than enough

IMG_3884EDITThe quest for cheese is never ending in the land of kim-chi and rice. When I  first came to Korea, all you could get was Bega cheese. But Shopping in the E-mart in Suwon, I not any found cheese, but cheese from  New Zealand. Definitely step up from the Bega cheese usually on offer or the other cheeses on offer from the EU.

Commuterobics, just a step up

Well, almost...

Hong Kong’s subway system, though not as extensive as Seoul’s network, can still rate as being pretty good. I mean, it does a more than adequet job at moving people. Indeed moving people in different ways as the poster eludes to, is a black and white difference to the ‘keep to the right‘ drive in Seoul, Korea.