Deep blue

20180925_104537 (Rain pending)

Nothing like, a rainy day

20180831_080846 (Looking out the window)

Sparks, when there is rain

IMG_1771 (Sparks, when there is rain)

Raindrops, stop-motion

IMG_1368 (Raindrops) (2)

Inadequet drainage, we had to order out

.raining cats and dogs
It’s the rainy season in South Korea, and it was pouring. The deck to my apartment is a concrete bath ensuring that any torrent of rain is retained and appreciated by the occupants. It wasn’t too bad when I walked through, but afterwards, when I got in it literally came down in buckets.

There must have been about 2 inches on the deck when I walked outside to receive our fast food order of chicken. The delivery guy met me at the bottom of the stairs to our appartment. The rain was that heavy.