The passage of time, things get smaller

USBs.jpgThe advance of technology renders the world of technology and computing an ever-changing landscape. Things get smaller and with it, the amount of data you can shoe-horn into a USB drive. Even optical disks are going the way of the dinosaur with downloaded media being well, the medium of transaction.

This leads to higher capacity of USB drives catching and by far eclipsing optical media.

CDs.jpg Ten years ago, I bought a USB drive for the equivalent money of $60NZD. It had only a 64MB capacity. Now for the same amount of money, you can buy something with 1000x greater the capacity. The funny side of this is that the smaller the item, the easier it is for me to lose. That has never changed.

It rained today, he had a streak for frying pans

It rained today, though only enough to be annoying. I refused to take one this morning, hoping that it would be alright. So when it did rain, I perched my hiking backpack over and on my head as a barrier to at least keep my head dry. Feeling pretty good at having beaten the odds by cheating, I headed for the school gate. My shirt still got wet though.¬†Walking out the towards the bus stop, I passed some third graders from my school. They were going home too. An umbrella hung over two of them, though unable to cater for all 7 of them. Held over one of the student’s heads was an honest to god frying pan. I looked, and kept looking as I followed them down towards the intersection. The group of students said hello to me at the crossing as we waited. Innovative thinking indeed. Such a pity that when he goes to work for a big company, he may loose this streak of ingenuity, this flair to be different. I nodded back, said with a smile his fry pan was good. I really hope the student doesn’t loose his knack for improvisation.