Everything up for sale, just use your nose

Korea is definitely is where old and new cross. Even the bizarre. Bun daeng-e is a very traditional Korean snack that’s either loved or loathed by people. Possessing the smell of old socks, it’s aroma is best savoured or avoided in the heat of summer. My first encounter with it was at a bus terminal; the thought bubble was “what were they thinking?” As is the lingerie in the shop window. I agree with showing what’s up for sale, but isn’t a bit of discretion needed? The same with the snack food, but sadly, there’s no hiding the smell.

Mystery quote, sometimes I really wish that I was a fly on the wall

…I suppose, I would too, if I wasn’t one already

An iconic comedy series of the 1980’s, it starred 4 of the possibly most unlikable people in Britain. Can you name that series?

Dead dogs, praying mantis and the mirage in the sky

I thought the doggie was just having a kip, when my walking partner pointed out the flies buzzing around it’s head. Apparently fido had chewed his last bone and had gone to the big kennel in the sky. The destination of our walk was to be the quarry we saw on the side of the hill. This quarry could be seen from almost anywhere in Eumseong, but for us, it was unattainable. A mere mirage between the horizon and the sky.

Still who wants to climb a quarry when you could potentially walk through someones pumpkin patch, eat oranges and walk up and down hills through acres and acres of fruit orchards?

At one point we observed two dueling praying mantis, locked in a Mexican stand-off. They were spotted in time before one of us stood on one or both of them, leading to a squishy, crunching end to the duel. Normally, the loser in these sort of battles got their head bitten off. Life and dead in the void, my name for Eumseong.

Up the Su-jeong san, trying to catch a butterfly

An afternoon’s random walk around Eumseong lead me to go up a hill just outside of the township. I couldn’t see (or photograph for that matter) the town on account of the trees. The summit was decked out with grass, two bench seats with no backs, a signboard extolling the local history, and a few random rocks. I sat recovering from my efforts to get to the top, enjoying the open space and quiet. Until I spied three middle aged women following the same trail up as I had climbed. We said our hellos and they continued on down a side track.

On the meadow at the top there fluttered a few butterflies. Not being one to miss a photo opportunity, I must have spent at least 10 minutes trying to capture a decent photograph of the yellow butterfly in flight. Being smaller than airplanes and birds, getting enough butterfly to fill the frame proved to be problematic. The result is what you see before you.

Ant stamper gets stamp of approval

My apartment has an endemic ant problem. They’re little brown ants, and I cite shit design and construction of the abode. Only a brain-challenged dim-wit could fail to make mitred corners, and then forget to chalk the gaps.

The ‘ant stamper’ in question is in fact my preventitive medicine for my asthma. About as tall as a thumb, and 25mm round. Handling on an almost daily, sometimes a minute by minute basis never fails to get me to take my medication. Asthma, here, has been no problem , thanks to the the little brown (squashed) ants.