Distant skies, distant shores

f/4, 1/1000, ISO 100

Sea, dog

An evening stroll by the foreshore

f/18, 1/160. ISO 3200

Estimated, time of arrival

The misty ranges approaching Shenyang (3)

Somewhere between Shenyang, China and North Korea
EOS 350D, 25mm, f/14, 1/400

Dulcet Sunset

IMG_2455 (Dolcet tones) (2)

Misty hills, lonely

IMG_2447 (Mist, inclimant weather)


20190717_112307 (A fork in the road)

Surface to air

IMG_2369 Surface to air

Sundown, Inner city

20190517_161841EDIT (Inner city, sunset)
St Peter’s, Ghuznee street, Wellington

Stratified and (art) deco

20190424_075916 (Stratified)

Foreshadowing, sunset

IMG_2267 Foreshadowing, sunset