In the zone

20190627_144149 In the zone

Moving, ahead

IMG_2307 (Moving ahead)

Spin doctoring

20181207_134002 (spin doctor)

The games

IMG_1848edit (The Games)

Der Ball ist rund und das Spiel dauert 90 Minuten


IMG_1098 (The kick)

“The ball is round and the game lasts for 90 minutes”

Sepp Herberger


IMG_20180320_204352 (Advance)

Help, needed


Kid, grin


Drag races, both teams won


With the Dragon boat festival just gone, was amazing. Dragon boats tooling around up and down the stream next to my apartment, from what I could see they were a local team. Why else would they be paddling in the local stream, right? I grabbed my camera, and a zoom lens and off I went.


The races consisted of two dragon boats. The tradition that the winners of the race would bring good luck for their area for the coming year. So, since they were all from the same area, everyone wins.

4 counting the beat.jpg

Counting the beat

2 GZ men, drag race.jpg

Guangzhou men

3 Both teams, both winners.jpg

Two teams, both winners


Faded t, past glories

Yin-yang.jpgA cricket team made up of ex-pats, we played at a ground near Suwon. This was part of a uniform we wore early on at the start of the league. The club design was modelled on the Korean flag, with the club name under it, and the Southern cross embossed over the Yin-yang symbol of the flag. Initially we started with mostly Australians and a few Kiwis.ANZIK t-shirt.jpg¬†When I left there were a huge palate of nationalities in the team. An Indian, a Bangladeshi, an Englishman and much to my approval, the ratio of Kiwis to Aussies coming up to almost equal members. ANZIKs, a great bunch of blokes, they haven’t won a league cup just yet, but these guys never quit.