Car parking

20181101_173346 (Come to the carpark)

Anti-theft, device

20180901_121809 (Anti-theft mechanism)

Into, the murk

20180811_063845 Advance into the murk

Never has the road ahead been so fascinating.

Minis, in their natural habitat

IMG_1349 (Minis in thier natural habitat)

I have to admit a little bias towards the Morris Mini since, my first car was a mini. I was old, unreliable and needed fixing every weekend, but I loved it despite of it’s lack of road worthiness.

It’s, complicated

IMG_20180330_190806 (It's complicated) (2)



IMG_20171230_151702 (Carpark) (2)

Ready, and steady

IMG_20171130_161402 Ready, to go

DHL courier car ready to take away our test materials.