Car parking

20181101_173346 (Come to the carpark)

Anti-theft, device

20180901_121809 (Anti-theft mechanism)

Into, the murk

20180811_063845 Advance into the murk

Never has the road ahead been so fascinating.

Minis, in their natural habitat

IMG_1349 (Minis in thier natural habitat)

I have to admit a little bias towards the Morris Mini since, my first car was a mini. I was old, unreliable and needed fixing every weekend, but I loved it despite of it’s lack of road worthiness.

It’s, complicated

IMG_20180330_190806 (It's complicated) (2)



IMG_20171230_151702 (Carpark) (2)

Ready, and steady

IMG_20171130_161402 Ready, to go

DHL courier car ready to take away our test materials.

Pensive, and waiting,

IMG_20171021_121734 Pensively waiting

Flashy, but undeveloped

Light dalek.jpgOne of my first reactions to this was, wow! It certainly is an unusual piece of infrastructure to see, and probably the most mobile. Where it was placed, it was


‘controlling’ a straight stretch of road, albeit a busy one. It looked like one of the first efforts to recreate a dalek, only this one wasn’t successful. No dalek ‘bumps’.


B-grade actor, made by Corgi toys


I didn’t know that Corgi toys  made cars in this size. At least it was to scale, and you could probably fit four people inside, five in an emergency. I thought this was a one-off. But getting off the train later in Shenyang, they had two of them parked in the foyer sidebyside. They, the cars, do make for compactness an form but what about function? Unlike police cars in the West, where police cars were often bought and built for the chase. But these, I’m not sure what their intended purpose is. Aside from issuing parking tickets,  it doesn’t really lend to any authority. Like any B-grade actor or actress, they do the job, but where’s the (stage) presence?