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Felt the urge for cheese, got matchsticks instead

Cheese sticks.jpgSticks the snacks were indeed, however, even though they had their share of enzyme modified cheese (emc). Though, I think they lacked a bit of  ‘X’ factor. The sticks in question were about an inch long, and as wide as a matchstick. Actually, only a bit more taste than a matchstick. Meh. Boring, insipid in taste and forgettable. Maybe my experience had been spoilt by my taste of Cheetos. Other cheese snacks of note are Rashuns, Cheese balls and Burger rings. All of which keep dairy companies in the money all over the world since there is a constant need for emc.

*Despite it’s rather scientific name, it’s what the food industry does to enhance the cheese flavour. The enzymes are added after the milk is reduced to curds. Though the name of the enzyme in question is an industry secret, the types of enyzmes used can act on proteins, fats (lipids) and peptides (sub-units of proteins).


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