Tabbed up, teched up to the margins


After dithering over which tablet to buy, I finally settled on this. What clinched the deal was the full sized SD card slot it had. That wasn’t the only thing that was full sized. USB and HDMI ports were also the real-deal.

After years of service, my trusty Dell Axims X5 is taking a graceful retirement, sitting next to my laptop.

Still, breaking in a new piece of technology is all about creating new connections in your brain as it’s all about learning how to use it properly. One caveat about using a touch screen is that they attract a lot of finger prints. Given time the added grease adds to the ‘slip’ to the screen. Grubby, and sometimes useful.


The Sontaran, the snowman, and the long trek

Another hike, but the twist this time was that the weather. Though cooperative, it was very cold. Freezing in fact. I have to admit that I almost gave up, as my stomach, which was getting a strong, updraught of cold wind. One, right up the bracket you might say. I had on my scarf and down jacket. Ben, had simply zipped up his jacket up to his neck. He honestly looked like a Sontaran, a character from the Doctor Who series. He even gave a brief rendition of their battle chant. We both laughed at the chant, and the reference. Doctor Who is something we both knew. The target destination, as usual, was Yongsan station, and the electronics market.

Starting from Gu-il station, we started trekking up one of the Han rivers smaller tributaries was a wasteland of dirt and occasional parks. At one point we passed policemen doing their P/t. They might even have been trainees, but we we’re sure. The head instructor stood next to a PA, with maybe the intent of doing some karaoke numbers later to tired trainees. Before that, we walked past a driving course, the sort found at driving schools in Korea, except 75% the size. It might have been for training, but only for very small cars.

Ben and I had done this route once in the past, and before all the landscape was different, and now it was finished.

We reached the junction where the stream met the Han river. We sat, and rested, trying to work out the kinks and cramping we both had. I had particular problems with my right shoulder. It would be with great relief that I put down my bag on the hotel bed later that afternoon.

In the homestretch to Yongsan station was the electronics market. I commented positively that the actual market was a mere 300 metres distant. A grunt was Ben’s reply, as his feet were sore, and in retrospect, so were mine, I just hadn’t realised it. My new hiking shoes, bought in New Zealand off of a pal of mine who ran the shop, ironically were Asics. A Korean brand. Still they fit, and did the job. A new pair of shoes, broken in and christened.

After making a small purchase at Seong-in plaza, we continued onto Yongsan station and it’s relative comforts of low teenage Celsius temperatures.

Super loo, grows a persona

This one, found in Matakana , north of Auckland, New Zealand. It certainly appeals as the most sculptured loo in thar parts. I was told that the local councils all over New Zealand competed to have the best loo (and so in all meaning of the words, ‘super loo’) in New Zealand. After all intents and purposes, it does New Zealand tourism a power of good. Not only did it look good, but was also well maintained.