Muddy evidence

20181111_094041 (Footprints)

Shoe organizer

IMG_1842_shoe organizer

Inside, shoes

IMG_20180320_195544 (Shoes in the waiting)

The red shoes

The red shoes IMG_20160808_190809_zpsmsdcnuak.jpgTo know fairy tales is to know people it seems. Hans Christian Andersen’s tale of vanity is still applicable today as it was written over 150 years ago.

Other references to The Red Shoes:


Kate Bush

Sodden shoes, rotten ziffers

Six weeks of rain, sodden shoes. It’sĀ almost the end of the road for them. After not having dried out between the daily dowsings, the moisture has rotted away the stitiching thatĀ stopped the water from getting in and kept my feet dry. Damn, I knew that these shoes were on the way out, now they were literally hanging on by the ziffers of it’s laces, and not a replacement pair in sight.