Interlopers, a child’s dream

20190425_130655 (Interlopers)

The elephant in the room

20180930_184333_2 The elephant in the room

He doesn’t have a proboscis, but he was the center attention.

Dragon dances abound, I have seen a lot of them.

Christmas, at the red-dy

IMG_20171219_192534 (2) red-dy, or not

A study, in play


Men-for-hire, await their call during Mid-Autumn festival.

Drag races, both teams won


With the Dragon boat festival just gone, was amazing. Dragon boats tooling around up and down the stream next to my apartment, from what I could see they were a local team. Why else would they be paddling in the local stream, right? I grabbed my camera, and a zoom lens and off I went.


The races consisted of two dragon boats. The tradition that the winners of the race would bring good luck for their area for the coming year. So, since they were all from the same area, everyone wins.

4 counting the beat.jpg

Counting the beat

2 GZ men, drag race.jpg

Guangzhou men

3 Both teams, both winners.jpg

Two teams, both winners


Won ton soup, going via Courteney place

Wonton soup, going via Courtney place.jpgHong Kong during the Lunar festival has a very different. Less people for one means that there’s more space, and with less people there’s less work being done. Therefore less pollution.

HK won ton.jpgBut the one problem for an out of towner was where to eat? Everything was closed. However, there was one restaurant spotted by my wife that was open. It was a Won-ton soup restaurant, and the line outside of the door lent the restaurant a hint of promise. It was a very tidy, though traditional restaurant. High density seating, but a clean floor. Modern, but an old restaurant would have a greasy floor. Greasy spoon anyone? We ended up ordering won-ton soup, with a side order of deep-fried won ton with sweet and sour sauce, done Hong Kong style of course. Actually, not unfamiliar to me since I used to eat this sort of stuff as a kid. Familiar but, with a twist. I cite the best won-ton soup I’ve ever had was in Wellington, New Zealand. In Courteney place. It used to be full of Chinese restaurants, the fact that Turner’s auctioneers was just around the corner perhaps had something to do with this. Won ton soup with char siu pork and bak-choi. Served in a much bigger bowl, the current serving of won ton soup was good, and for now would have to do.


Flower girl

Flower girl.jpg