Estimated, time of arrival

The misty ranges approaching Shenyang (3)

Somewhere between Shenyang, China and North Korea
EOS 350D, 25mm, f/14, 1/400

After the Summer

Umbrellas and deck chairs (2)

Lido Island, Venice, Italy
Eos 350D, f/8, 1/3200

Interlopers, a child’s dream

20190425_130655 (Interlopers)

The elephant in the room

20180930_184333_2 The elephant in the room

He doesn’t have a proboscis, but he was the center attention.

Dragon dances abound, I have seen a lot of them.

Christmas, at the red-dy

IMG_20171219_192534 (2) red-dy, or not

A study, in play


Men-for-hire, await their call during Mid-Autumn festival.

Drag races, both teams won


With the Dragon boat festival just gone, was amazing. Dragon boats tooling around up and down the stream next to my apartment, from what I could see they were a local team. Why else would they be paddling in the local stream, right? I grabbed my camera, and a zoom lens and off I went.


The races consisted of two dragon boats. The tradition that the winners of the race would bring good luck for their area for the coming year. So, since they were all from the same area, everyone wins.

4 counting the beat.jpg

Counting the beat

2 GZ men, drag race.jpg

Guangzhou men

3 Both teams, both winners.jpg

Two teams, both winners