Pohutukawa tree, A’la urban

20181211_114925 (Pohutukawa, a'la urban)

The New Zealand Christmas tree always blossoms around Christmas time.

Passive, verb

IMG_20171224_181755 (Passive verb)

Just, standing around

IMG_20171207_071919  a LOAD OF DUMMIES

Makes you believe that the Autons are real.

Plum-flavoured sweets, I change my hats with ease

Plum flavoured candy 8e8e9aa2-ed05-4c2f-abc6-d2663ad5a82a_zpscnsw3o89.jpgAnother re-visitation of a childhood food. This time it’s a sweet. Candy if you’re American. It’s essentially dried, powdered plum, that’s been pressed together. Bound together in a cylindrical packet, they can only be eaten as flat disks.

Plum candy in hand IMG_9027_zpsnxaoiaok.jpgSweet enough, I remember eating them, amongst other things at Christmas time.

Win-win I say.

They were smaller disks back then, but the taste was the same. Probably a different manufacturer. That’s the wonder of coming from a mixed cultural background, you get the best of, in my case, both cultures. Two hats that I can change as I please.


Christmas tradition, ginger cookies, custard and cake

Christmas day, was spent at a fellow native speakers apartment. There was a bunch of us there. Dinner was a stuffed chicken with gravy, mashed pumpkin, mashed potato, steamed broccoli and even some salad chucked in for good measure.

I was able to redeem my Paris Baguette points for a (semi) free cake. It was eaten with home made custard. Yummy. To top it of, we were given a small plate of ginger cookies, with a small chocolate tucked away amongst them. I can sense a tradition when I see it.