The breakfast maker

IMG_20180410_091721 (Breakfast maker)


Lets, play

IMG_20180330_160647 (Lets play)

Daycare for young children is frequently done by the grandparents, or in this case, the Grandmothers. Traditionally, the males go out to work while the wives stay at home. In recent years, (especially in Guangzhou) both parents go out to work.


IMG_20171230_151702 (Carpark) (2)

Like mother, like daughter


Just, plodding on


The local butcher

IMG_20180211_090722 (popular guy)

Butchery skills are not uncommon in Guangzhou, as everyone eats meat of some sort.

Lunar new year; out and about

IMG_20180215_124722Chinese, or Lunar new year has always been about people. Traditionally, the people of Guangzhou will decorate their homes with new potted plants, meaning a new start to the year.