CELTA, CELTA, open sesame!

CELTA in the background

It came as a bit of a surprise when I applied for a job, two in fact, that the same day I’d get a reply.

CELTA was a month long course in English teaching. If it were any longer I’d had lost more hair worrying over it. Every time I’d combed my hand through my hair I’d gotten a strand of hair coming away. Maybe it was  just natural attrition.

Months in preparing for the course, a month in relative purgatory or, “study jail”.

So many ups and downs over my progress on a day-to-day basis, I thought I’d was passing one day, the next day I thought I was failing.

I have been to boot camp, and I have survived. One of the tutors said that doors would open once I’d gotten CELTA. I never realized it’d be that soon.

CELTA, CELTA, black and blue

Potentially a book of pain. But definitely a source of discomfort and constant hard work.

What’s better than beer? Foreign beer!

Despite not having much in the way of foreign food out in the void, one good thing that has come witht he trade agreement with Europe is European beer.

It’s reassuring to see that I have alternatives to the local crap that’s passed off as beer. On inspection there’s German, Danish sitting quite nicely along the Belgian and Dutch beers.

The beer selection at the Home plus in Cheong-ju

When I had first come to Korea and settled in, (aside from Japanese beers) there was a pitiful selection of ales on offer. Even Australian beer (Victoria bitter) was a rarity but is now commonly available down at the local superette according my friend.

Great, if only they could import a better range of beers (quality over quantity) then things would be just peachy, beer-wise.