In the spotlight

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Lounge lizards

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Plucking away, hotel ambiance

I’m sad to say that I’m a regular visitor to

Plucked. A gui zhen sounds close to a pianola.jpg

Plucked. A gui Zhen sounds close to a pianola

hotels. Work makes me do it. In my line, travelling is made as comfortable as possible. And of course, it is. These are quite nice hotels in the Wanda hotel chain, which are owned by the Wanda group. I would have to say that in all the hotel experiences I’ve had in my life, these are pretty well up there. The rooms are generously proportioned, and even have carpet in them. It’s nicer than my apartment. Carpet is rare for China, or at least the southern part. I like to take my socks off and feel it through the soles of my feet. An experience second only to walking on, or, through grass.

Wanda hotel suite.jpg



The rooms are well appointed with a desk, a flat panel LCD screen and a very large bed. The rooms, in fact, hotel is a bit dark for me. I know that darkened restaurants make for a more intimate dining experience, perhaps a darkened hotel lends towards a more intimate stay and guests will stay longer? I’m not sure, but I can say that the breakfast includes a selection of Western style and Asian.

Who would have thought that I would get sick of having bacon, hash browns and baked beans for breakfast everyday?

From hard pillows to hard clientele

Having gotten sick of not having any air-conditioning despite having paid for it, I decided to move to a new motel.

Three weeks on the road teaching at an English camp has narrowed my parameters to what is comfortable, over the mid-term. The new digs are actually branded as a motel, is clean and tidy with a bed that strangely bows slightly in he middle and modern decor in the room.
Being in a small town the rental fee is cheap, and I found out after a conversation with the ajumma that runs the place, is payable after the day has elapsed. A pleasant surprise. The motel is atop of a female only sauna, da-bang, general sauna and hair salon. After seeing two burly men take the lift up to my floor, all the evidence fits; I’ve landed in the working area of a flop shop. In a small town such as Okcheon, I think this qualifies as the red light district spot of the town.

Personal care products, oddly matched

There are a lot of things I get to do in Korea, that I don’t get to do in New Zealand. One of those is to stay in a lot of motels. Motels are pretty cheap in Korea; one night in a motel would be I figure about 60 or 70 New Zealand dollars. To mirror what a fellow blogger has written about motel rooms, I intend not to follow, but to feature in this entry, the strangely mis-matched.
The room had the usual assortment of features that one would expect of a KOREAN motel/ hotel room, but the line up of personal care products leaves, well, explanation. It’s a strange match of products and purpose. Hairspray and facial balm might be one thing, but fly spray, maybe for the armpits if they’re smelling particularly wiffy at the time, is another.

jasetv, unplugged

What’s a laptop without an internet connection? In my case, it’s no laptop at all. Too heavy to carry to NZ, it’d be slightly more than a glorified jukebox. Fortunately it’s the last week of camp, then it’s off to New Zealand for a well earned rest.

So it’s just me in my room at the Yeongwan with nothing but the tele for company. 40 chanels and there’s nothing on. I only wish that I’d taken the Rammstein download with me to listen to. “Du haust” and “Amerika” sounded so interesting. Labelled as being an Industrial band. Without a definition, to me they sound like heavy metal. An Industrial band? It sounds so pretentious.

In the meantime, I’ll try to spend as much time in the PC bang as possible, to ward off boredom.

HobNobs biscuits, Ernie would be proud

Al and I had both been sent to the conference (workshop if you’re Korean) in Seoul. We sat watching the BBC on our respective beds. We’d just come back from raiding the local Buy the way. In my bag was a box of HobNobs; a British made digestive biscuit. After polishing off the beer and chips, I then made inroads on the HobNobs.

I got myself a towel to put over my lap to catch the crumbs that were falling. That’s when I remembered Bert and Ernie from Seasame street. The trouble is, if this was Seasame street, that made me Ernie.