Memories of a New Zealand Summer, pity it’s Autumn

Following the appearance of Mainland cheese in a Suwon E-mart, imagine my surprise when I found New Zealand beer on the shelves of a different supermarket. Not just any NZ beer, but a beer that I actually like. Monteith’s, was a boutique brewery that had started on the West coast of New Zealand. But in it’s rising popularity it was bought out by the Brewing giant, Dominion Breweries in Auckland. This seemed to be part of a consolidation of the brewing industry. Smaller breweries were bought out by the giants corporations. The underlying thought seemed to me was “we don’t need any creativity anymore, we just buy new ideas.”

There were only four bottles on the shelf, so that’s how many I got.

Drinkin’? Just throw away the line

If the question were answered, it could be answered with  some sort of alcoholic drink. The marketing people who coined it, may have had one too many drinks on their working lunch. But in relative terms, this could be in any country, not just Korea. For once, the grammar and collocations are just perfect. Pity it’s on such a throw away line.