Nothing, but a song and dance

20190209_184232 (Nothing but a song and dance)

A helping hand

20190209_184723 (a Helping hand)


20181107_203249 (Away)

Center stage

IMG_20180729_195633 (Center stage)

An assortment of Korean drums, but, center stage is what’s called the “Jang Gu” (장구). This is what I think of when Korean music is mentioned. Oh, and what they pass for cymbals, or a Kkwaenggwari. What looks like a steep-sided soup bowl entirely made of brass. Well played it’s good. When it’s not, descent can be heard for miles around. But, back to the Korean drum band, they were entertaining.

These things, don’t grow on trees

IMG_20180414_141153 These things, don't grow on trees

Going off

IMG_0623 ready IMG_0624 steady


Fun, at the end

Lunar new year is signified with fireworks, and dragon dancers. Evidently the evil spirits of the old year are scared away by the loud, loud noise of the fireworks. Red, meaning and prosperity, coincidentally is the same colour as the fireworks. Often, there is strong community involvement.


Dragon dancers at the ready.


IMG_0642 IMG_0646 IMG_0653