Sunset blossom, cheery

Cherry blossom flash.jpgThe cherry blossoms had finally bloomed and I had dragged my camera out for a shortish bout of photography. Given that the sun was setting I had a little light to play with and also given that it was a stock lens, the result is what you see here. In order to stabilise the camera I lent up against the side of the apartment, so that all I had to worry about was, was the vertical axis to prevent shaking.

Speed sock, goes to hop-along

Speed sock.jpgRecovery of my leg has moved up a stage, and I’m back on my feet. This time without the aid of crutches. the trouble with crutches is that I’ve gotten to use them very


well, to the point that I can actually outpace someone on foot. Prior to this, I’ve tried exercising moving my leg while on out in the park.


Moving around in my apartment can be problematic with crutches, so, today I tried, with the

aid of my walking cast to get something on my wife’s desk. It was slow but, I was able to awkwardly move without pain. Superb. In commem

oration of this, is a listing of famous people who existed on crutches or in a wheelchair at

Speed sok plus walking cast.jpg

one time or another.

Franklin D. Roosevelt.
Paul Sheldon (Misery by Stephen King)
Stephen King

Davros (A character from Doctor Who)

Celebrities list

I can however do no better than to quote Dr. Strangelove himself in saying, “Mein Führer, I can WALK!”.