Work, of all kinds

IMG_1639 (Work, of all kinds)

What was that joke? How many men does it take to change a light bulb?

Colour, undecided

20180709_113022 (Colour, undecided)The view from my exam room. Bleak, chromatically.

Early morning meetings

20180705_102001 (Early morning meeting) (2)

Hard work

IMG_0838 (They start work early)

Lunch, al fresco

IMG_0851 Lunch, al fresco

Lunch in Guangzhou at least, is very much on the fly. Typically bought from one of the numerous food stalls, you eat when you can.

Time, standing still

IMG_20180330_142117 (Time, standing still) (2)

Guangzhou, is often seen as a city to make your fortune, a city of great riches. But the big contrast is that there is poverty there if you look.

Ready, and steady

IMG_20171130_161402 Ready, to go

DHL courier car ready to take away our test materials.

Waiting for, which girl?

IMG_9683 (2).jpg


He’s, all action.

IMG_9670 (2)

Delivery boys in China take all sort of forms. These ones deliver parcels.

The big push, to work

The big push, to work.jpg