Anti-theft, device

20180901_121809 (Anti-theft mechanism)

I get around, no matter how

I get around, no matter what IMG_8258_zpssar3zh6b.jpg

Even with people being able to afford car, pedal power is still popular.



B-grade actor, made by Corgi toys


I didn’t know that Corgi toys  made cars in this size. At least it was to scale, and you could probably fit four people inside, five in an emergency. I thought this was a one-off. But getting off the train later in Shenyang, they had two of them parked in the foyer sidebyside. They, the cars, do make for compactness an form but what about function? Unlike police cars in the West, where police cars were often bought and built for the chase. But these, I’m not sure what their intended purpose is. Aside from issuing parking tickets,  it doesn’t really lend to any authority. Like any B-grade actor or actress, they do the job, but where’s the (stage) presence?

Snow, snow, oh bother

One cool ride.jpgI don’t consider myself a neophyte driver, but in consideration to the snowy conditions treacherous to drive in. The thought of driving in, and through one foot of snow on the road is enough for me to think about driving again and take a taxi. Let the professional drivers do the work. Ever since I started driving in Korea, I’ve been ever so cautious in doing so. It scares the shit out of me to screw up but my inherent mis-trust of the other drivers based on their driving behaviour is enough to make me an ever cautious, looking twice old-man of a driver. Still it doesn’t help if your ride is a beat-up old Hyundae.Hyundai car.jpg

Four wheels and a seat, not a car?

So goes the old joke about anything having handles and wheels being carry-on luggage but, so do cars. Though this fact hasn’t stopped enormous bags being taken into the cabin.

This visual example of Korean tunnel-vision isn’t the only one I’ve shot.  Off to one side, she’s not bad as the old-boy on the tractor. Mobility scooters are becoming more and more common. I’ve seen them on the subway trains in Seoul, and thankfully with no problems occurring. One such news report of Korean angst and almost instant karma features one such mobility scooter and it’s not so cool rider.

Just quietly, drive safely

Going from what has to be the loudest advertisements (electoral campaigning) to what has to be the smallest ads I’ve seen so far. Consisting of a yellow plastic strip strapped around the trunks of trees or lampposts using twist ties.

As far as I can make out there are two types of advisories. One to drive safely, the other, literally translated, speeding forbidden. All from the local police station. If anything, they make a nice composition to take a picture of.

Roadmap, fatal for some

4 years away from behind the wheel, 5 years since I’d driven inside of Auckland city. I needed a roadmap to get where I was going.