Aspiring, spires

20190728_153103 (Aspiring)


IMG_2137 (Spidermen)

Under, the UFO

20181228_121701 (Under the UFO)

Art deco, town hall

20181008_123220 (Art decor town hall)

Tower: reshot

IMG_0947B&W (Tower, retake)

Better than the last shot.


IMG_20171009_205013 Luminousity (2)

Starry city

IMG_0671Starry city

Glowing, orbs

IMG_20180308_074445 (Glowing, orbs)

Ingress, to caffeination

IMG_20171223_160711B&W (The entrance, to caffenation)

Ullo, big sister

IMG_20171116_133749 (Saying hello, to big brother)