Too, quiet

Silence in the library. Post suspension of contact lectures but pre-quarantine lock-down status.

(Iron) clad

20180607_133828 (iron) clad

A female relative of the Cybermen? A Cyberwoman?

Just, standing around

IMG_20171207_071919  a LOAD OF DUMMIES

Makes you believe that the Autons are real.

Flashy, but undeveloped

Light dalek.jpgOne of my first reactions to this was, wow! It certainly is an unusual piece of infrastructure to see, and probably the most mobile. Where it was placed, it was


‘controlling’ a straight stretch of road, albeit a busy one. It looked like one of the first efforts to recreate a dalek, only this one wasn’t successful. No dalek ‘bumps’.


Speed sock, goes to hop-along

Speed sock.jpgRecovery of my leg has moved up a stage, and I’m back on my feet. This time without the aid of crutches. the trouble with crutches is that I’ve gotten to use them very


well, to the point that I can actually outpace someone on foot. Prior to this, I’ve tried exercising moving my leg while on out in the park.


Moving around in my apartment can be problematic with crutches, so, today I tried, with the

aid of my walking cast to get something on my wife’s desk. It was slow but, I was able to awkwardly move without pain. Superb. In commem

oration of this, is a listing of famous people who existed on crutches or in a wheelchair at

Speed sok plus walking cast.jpg

one time or another.

Franklin D. Roosevelt.
Paul Sheldon (Misery by Stephen King)
Stephen King

Davros (A character from Doctor Who)

Celebrities list

I can however do no better than to quote Dr. Strangelove himself in saying, “Mein Führer, I can WALK!”.

Are you, my mummie?

 watching a movie

That’s the one line the students remembered, from the episode, “The empty child“, Season 1 of the New Doctor Who series. We went onto watch the final episode of the season, “Bad wolf“. Rivetting to the end, the students thought Doctor Who was great.

Ohhh, it’s Doctor Who!

I played an episode for the students and it was received with great interest. Students even stayed after class to watch it. Possibly because it had Korean sub-titles, and perhaps it was new and exciting. Okay so it was just the Slitheen, which I find boring, but the episode which really caught their interest was one featuring a Dalek. 40 years on, they, and the Doctor still have the ability to accure interest.

I was amazed and happy that they were interested. Yay for Doctor Who!