Too, quiet

Silence in the library. Post suspension of contact lectures but pre-quarantine lock-down status.


20180818_115206 Reconstruction)

Colour, undecided

20180709_113022 (Colour, undecided)The view from my exam room. Bleak, chromatically.

Showing signs of life

Showing signs of life IMG_20160913_130051EDIT_zpsalstgrwe.jpg

The take home message is, MIC(key) mouse

Seeing Professor Stephen Krashen yesterday was quite enlightening to say the least. Fun, entertaining and still very much young at heart, he went on to spin a talk (you could hardly call it a lecture, could you?) for just over an hour.

Pretty good, I had no problems taking in the talk as it was a talk I’d seen on Youtube. Still, for something that he’s spoken about for a little over thirty years. Have things moved and progressed that slowly in the realm of language acquisition theory? Well, for such a contemporary message, he’s gotten good mileage from it. Nice work if you can get it, but I’m not sure if I could get it, no matter how hard I tried.

Comprehensible input this definitely was, and all credit to Professor Krashen for making the message so easy to digest. Nothing MICkey Mouse about it, but the one thing that I found the most pertinent was Comprehensible input. For me the analogy is that it’d could turn out to be a useful tool in my arsenal of teaching methods. If I can make myself clearer to young, Elementary students, then that would be a major step towards better teaching.

Aside from starting up my own Los Alamos laboratory, I’m going to have to read about it. For now, Krashen is going to have to be the Einstein or even, the Oppenheimer.

Phonemic alphabet, dyslexic graffiti

Graffiti in a form that might befit an Oxford university professor, or an English teacher on his day off. Hanging out at my wife’s university, with no other reason than to soak up the air conditioned air. Talk about a rarefied environment. The English teachers at Hoseo university also have an English camp too, teaching Elementary grade kids. I’ll have my second installment next week, this time at Sunmoon university. I spied on the stairwell walls maxims to encourage the students; poignant reminders that you’re at English camp. As if they’d forget. Still, I felt the need for some harmless graffiti. First of all in phonemic script, and then a slight on the Latin translation, Carpe diem, “Seize the carp.” For so much fish, it could lead to a lot of confusion, but perhaps none on the students part. Do they really read the signs anyhow?

Just an ode, more of a tip of the hat to ‘camps’. I’ve always taken the alternative meaning to the word ‘camp’ just to entertain myself even for just a moment. This is not what flashes through my mind, but more of an extension really.

From S.D to TJ.M

In 4 and half years. My move out to what I’m calling the “middle of no-where”. The new digs are quite literally between the two cities of Asan and Cheonan.

Sanbon Dong at the top, Tangjeong Myeon at the bottom

Located close to Sunmoon university, I learnt only the other day that the university had been set up by the Reverend Moon himself. According to my informant, every Head of schools office has a largese photo of Mr Moon and his wife on the wall. I thought it a bit grandiose and likened it to that of Soviet Russia with a picture of Lenin adorning every wall.

Cripes, I had some religious nutters hammer on the door the other day. Twice, and rather firmly too. I had be careful because they might be from the Mooney squad.

The upside to all of this is that my new digs are much larger than the previous ones, a whole 14 pyeong in Korean measures. The new apartment likens to an aircraft hangar in relative size to the old walk-in-closet sized apartment.