Chocolate preferred, I got a boiled one instead

Perhaps one of the nice things about Korea is you tend to get freebies in the street. In this case, a boiled egg. Almost no strings attached, this one (from a member of a church) had a little Easter-ish message in it. Still it’s nice to have a non-Korean holiday acknowledged.

Easter Monday also falls on the 25th, ANZAC day,  in New Zealand this year. ANZAC day; the dawn parade for old soldiers, a bugle call in the cold dark of the morning, red poppies.

Forget Fukashima, just take your brollie

It rained, so I zipped on the hood to my newly acquired Columbia jacket. Just enough to keep the rain off, but according to the Korean news websites it was rain tainted with fallout from Fukashima. It’s the sort of thing that makes me roll my eyes and wish for more yellow dust, which is supposed to be prevalent at the moment too. At least the rain keeps the dust down, as for the radiation, it’s at very low levels. The current dosage quoted is 0.3mSV. I know for a fact that the amounts that can kill you are in the 10 to 100SV range.

You gotta laugh at some of the information films put out back then.  One thing that sprung to mind when I watched it was radiation is quite easily attenuated. Double the distance, and you quarter the amount of energy. It’s not how much, but how long.

Ask ’em who he is, and they’ll tell you he’s a rocketman

Tell them that they’re brilliant, and they’ll do just that. My night class students at high school have succeeded in exceeding my expectations.  Continuing the very short thread of music and pop stars, I featured amongst two K-pop stars, Elton John. This time a biography, as part of a dictagloss exercise.

As part of setting context, I asked about the singers backgrounds. For the students, Elton John, will always be ‘Rocketman’, as I’d used the song in the previous lesson.