Nightmare child of a cellphone and a PDA; big, bright and handsome

Samsung Note 2.jpg

I remember when I had a Nokia 3210. It was a GSM phone, and a simple design to boot. Aside from being able to programme your own ringtones, it was a no frills device, and it fit comfortably into the front or back pocket of my Levi’s jeans. About a week ago my wife bought online the Samsung Galaxy note 2. Even with the progress of time and technology, this phone was a step up with what either of us had, an Apple iphone 3GS, and a Samsung sliding phone. The term ‘phablet’ does come to mind as it presents a big, colourful screen, wide and handsome to behold. Going to the other end of the spectrum, my  old Dell Axim X5 (now serving out it’s retirement in my old computer bag) a bonifide PDA, served admirably as an e-reader, movie player, primitive games console and even little black book.

The Note 2 is a combination of all of these, and more. As equally the key selling point is the screen , so does the operating system have a lot to do with usability. Equipped with Samsungs touch wiz, some people hate it, as for me, it’s okay so far. It allows me to surf the Internet while watching a pint sized version of a movie. Overall, I think it’s a good device with no caveats so far.

Felt up, comes with doodle pad

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I finally got to ‘test drive’ the new digital signage in the Seoul metro stations. It does indeed have a map of Seoul in it, replet with overlays of the train tracks. Also included in what you might call a kiosk, is a telephone. Useable with your transport card. It even has an mini touch screen scratch pad so that you can take down notes, or just doodle. I saw a passing woman use this feature for just this activity as she spoke on her handphone.

Nothing spared here. I wonder what computer support it uses? Overall, impressive.

Touchy-feely, lets take it home!

Tech in South Korea never ceases to amaze me in the turn-your-head ability. This particular piece of tech is a digital signage board/ information board as seen on a subway platform at Sindorim station, Seoul.

Entirely interactive, it shows neat sutff like up and coming movies, events and the like. The ‘killer app’ I’d like to see is an interactive Seoul metropolitan subway map. It might exist, and it would save alot of confusion when out on walks.

Internationally, this knocks the socks of anything that the Wellington metro suburban railway system can put up, but a brief search of the shows that there are plenty of countries with digital signage boards.

I’ve got a 55mm. *Put your lens cap back on!*

To be seen touting a digital camera in Korea these days is a show of prestige. The digital camera has become an accessory. Something to casually sling over one shoulder, I’ve even seen people take them to the supermarket. If it’s not to take pictures of their kids while they rifle through the stock, then what? Corporate espionage for the opposition?

If it were a professional type camera body (i.e. big and heavy) then I might take more notice. Think of 1-2kg instead of 0.7kg for a sub-frame camera. Not to mention more than four times the price for the professional camera. What would impress me even more if you were able to carry it for a whole day without complaint.

Point & shoot feat the sun

One of the views from the landing in front of my apartment is the sunset. It’s one of my favourite subjects for photography at the moment. It’s actually for the moment I shoot the picture for. The window of opportunity is only about 5 minutes when the sky around the sun turns into a blaze of red and orange.

Good-bye shoe phone, Hello looney-bin

It’s great living in a digital era. Especially in the age of miniaturization. Gadgets have gone from the size of your shoe, to being able to fit inside of a closed fist.

The size of those digital devices has always been my pet peeve. It’s easy to loose things like memory cards. I spent 15 minutes looking for a CF card. Thinking that I was loosing my mind. That the fingers of dementia are slowly taking hold.

My grand-dad had alziemers. I really hope that I didn’t inherit the gene. That someday I maybe walking around all day in my dressing gown asking a 2 year old calendar what day it is.