Sure footed, taking care


Snow, snow, oh bother

One cool ride.jpgI don’t consider myself a neophyte driver, but in consideration to the snowy conditions treacherous to drive in. The thought of driving in, and through one foot of snow on the road is enough for me to think about driving again and take a taxi. Let the professional drivers do the work. Ever since I started driving in Korea, I’ve been ever so cautious in doing so. It scares the shit out of me to screw up but my inherent mis-trust of the other drivers based on their driving behaviour is enough to make me an ever cautious, looking twice old-man of a driver. Still it doesn’t help if your ride is a beat-up old Hyundae.Hyundai car.jpg

Korean drivers, driven egos

 Korean drivers, just dumb

A walk down the street in Okcheon, it’s snowy, cold and potentially slippery. Not to mention the sidewalk is fraught with cars. This entry reprises Al’s blog on traffic mayhem.Cars in a row I’m not sure what the reason for it, is. But I can guess that lack of driving skill, driven by laziness with a huge side order of ego-centrism is involved. It wasn’t just the one car parked like that, others has similarly mounted the footpath in solidarity or group mindedness.  To me it just looks retarded, and belies whatever intelligence was behind the wheel at the time.

Cool, very cool

It’d be just insane to ride scooter in this weather. Slippery, not to mention cold. All over Okcheon, the place I’m staying at the moment, people everywhere are padded up and just being cool about it. The ice and snow has gotten to be so much that people had to scrap and clean the snow off, just to make moving around easier. I can attest to this. After a few sprains and twists you get used to moving around on snow. Wearing hiking shoes also counts too. But only just today I was berating myself for having forgotten that lots and snow and sun equals glint reflected from the white, white snow. No sunglasses. While on the field trip, having snow fights was too large a temptation. The snow fights with my students resulted in a score of; students 1: teacher 0. I caught a snowball in the eye. Ouch.

The person owning this ‘cool ride’ might have hung up his helmet for the night.

It’s snow fun

The long-awaited first snow fall has, well, fallen. It’ll aways be a bit of a gimmick to me since Winter time in New Zealand just means rain, wind and general misery because of it.

The snow, looks nice and also covers all the dirt and ugliness. But after a couple of days, the snow freezes to ice and then it just becomes annoying. You have to take care of where you step for fear of slipping and falling on your arse.

The picture was taken on the road outside my apartment.  The trees would make nice Christmas trees if they were decorated.