Red Alert 2!

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Red Alert 2.


In the red zone

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Urbane, and rather dusty

Urbane and dusty 1.jpgI began a walk not planning to go to any particular area. All I knew was, that I didn’t want to go to the river again. Been there once and once was enough. So, the general idea for me was to keep it local. As it transpired, it was very local. The net result was that I managed to walk around a huge apartment under construction. I don’t what it’s name will be, but it’s got it’s phone number on it, and they’re all eights. So, for future reference, apartment ‘8’ it is.

Man crosses bridget.jpgThe first stop was what I call, the bridge. It’s essentially the gateway to the marketplace where you can buy anything related to food. Live chickens, vegetables of all kinds, milk, (soy and cow) and meat that’s already been rendered. A tip I’ve learned is that meat bought from the market place doesn’t last that long and it can’t be stored without subsequent spoilage even if has been refrigerated.

Continuing along the urban landscape, I turned left, away from the river that runs through area and into not quite suburbia in a Western sense but, a city scape in a Chinese sense. Shops at the street level with city dwellings on the higher floors. With urban development also comes urban decay.

Further along my trek, I looked overhead to see how people lived. It’s interesting to see how people decorate or use the space they’re given. In this case, a barred window box.

But, with urban sprawl comes shops, and endless fascination with of all things, fruit. and even smartphones I suspect.At the fruit shop.jpgWith city dwelling, comes societal factors of money and jobs. Frequently, you”ll see groups of middle-aged men just sitting around. Odd-job men I’ve been told. They can be contracted out for pittance at a time.ODDJOB.jpgODDJOB

In walking around I find that older buildings are more photographic. It’s like they have acquired a persona just by virtue of being lived in. The clothes, the dirt they accumulate and the disrepair they have gives them all character.

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Finally, in a repeat reference, street barbers seem to be everywhere,while air-raid shelters, common and discrete.
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Well informed

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Newsagent, bookshop, pipes

Newsagent.jpgThese shops, seem to be everywhere. Just walking down the street to the main drag, I counted about 4 of them. Also there are also news-sellers on the side-walk selling their magazines from a smallish hut. There seems to be a set range of wares that they can, or, do, sell. Tobacco and cigarettes, magazines of course and cold drinks.

Smoking accessories.jpg

We have pipes. Pipes?

I’ve bought drinks from them before and often they’re not that cold. Still, any drink to a thirsty man. This aside, they fill a gap in the community which is, to keep people informed through the medium of print. Which with the use of smartphone technology, seems to obviate this link. Though I do see that it is also frequented by the older generation.

But, this particular shop reminds me of an old school tobacconist, magazines, newspapers and of course, pipes. Haven’t seen any pouches of tobacco to stuff the pipe with, maybe it’s behind the counter with the pipe cleaners.

Char-su rice, authentic

Char siu, authentic.jpgHow pleasing it was to find out that there was a restaurant just down the road from my home that sold char-siu pork with rice. Coincidently, it was right next to the restaurant that sells wonton soup.

A simple dish, that compared well with what I’d tried in Hong Kong. A ringer , in fact. Though, admittedly, Guang-dong and Hong Kong are right next to each other and they obviously will have dishes in common.

Kung-fu, this!

Kungfu.jpgBruce Lee, made this look famous, the man in the yellow jump suit. Now, years later he continues to make an impact on popular culture, the man in the yellow jumpsuit is everywhere!

Kungfu order.jpgFirst off, he’s the front man for a restaurant chain called Kung Fu. I can’t read what the small print says in their advertising but someone in a yellow jumpsuit will Kung-fu your ass if you so much as complain about the food. Which, admittedly is along the same style as the restaurant that I went to in Changsha.

Kungju academy.jpg

The next imitation of Bruce Lee was for an academy. I am unable to read the print but the over notion for the ad is clear: we will kick your homework’s ass for you! Nothing is ever easy, so I guess if the teacher isn’t happy with the output on the homework then he or she gets her butt kicked too.