Making steps, towards

20181106_073017 Steps toward


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The great stair of China

IMG_0067 An afternoon walk

Too much furniture, use the stairs and then walk away

IMG_2285Space, really is the final frontier so, you have to get rid of some furniture. In the case of the recently vacated apartment lived in by my parents-in-law until recently. Getting rid of the mattresses and other bits and bobs without paying the local council surcharge? Easy. Do what the locals do and discretely dump the unwanted mattresses and table into the stairwells that connect the floors. Most of the locals were students that studied at Sunmoon university. Upon moving out, some of them have done what I’ve described and put whole desks and chairs out in the stairwells. Sadly the downside of it all is that it’s a scorched earth policy. Disable the appliance or piece of furniture, rendering it useless.

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In this case, the computer that I had a look at, it was a relic. Examination of the hard disk revealed that it had IDE connectors instead of the more contemporary SATA connections. Not so good since I was in need of a harddisk. The pictures you see in this entry were all taken in one building. Chairs, a low table and mattresses, you could if you wanted to decked out a whole apartment in relative, albeit dusty comfort.

Go pee, or you can have it “your way”

have it your way

Obviously you can’t pee just anywhere. Having said that, I’ve seen grandmothers training their young grandchildren to pee into the gutter. It’s a bonding moment. How nice vulgarity can be given the right context.

Use the public toilet, and if you’re unlucky enough, wait to use it. The message can work only if the bathroom is big enough, which in this case, it was not. Besides, Koreans don’t queue, they cluster or “aggregate”.

The Burger King sign was even more ironic in it’s slogan. It’s obvious in what the message is, but slogans inclusive, I’d rather not have it this way.