Point & shoot feat the sun

One of the views from the landing in front of my apartment is the sunset. It’s one of my favourite subjects for photography at the moment. It’s actually for the moment I shoot the picture for. The window of opportunity is only about 5 minutes when the sky around the sun turns into a blaze of red and orange.

Car tart, hatchback slapper

It was one of those numerous trips to Yongsan electronic market. Having found nothing of what I wanted, Ben and I just kicked back to enjoy a beer and to watch the goings on. The “exhibition area” that day was marked out like a ship with life rings, and skinny korean girls were decked out in dishy sailor suits. Even the guys looked like girls, metro-sexual as they were.

Well the good ship ‘Cass’ (a beer label) was untidily organised and went down like it’s namesake; thinly disguised and lacking substance.

What was happening upstairs was being vaguely parallelled by what was happening downstairs. GM-DAEWOO had released a new car, and to herald the new sled, it had been sent with a chick to accompany it. She must have been there on the revolving platform for at least 2 hours. The geek squad were quietly salivating, their zoom lenses must have been near the limit of it’s zoom.

34,000won for 2 slices of pizza, well motivated students?

I had promised my students pizza on the last day of my ‘extra class’ teaching. This was the official class party heralding movie watching (Jim Carey’s Yesman; their choice) and bulgogi pizza three times. They said bulgogi was faster to make than any other pizza, so by default… meat pizza it was.

The 2nd graders at this school, were well mannered even the less schoolastically inclined ones.
I would have to say that pizza did get all of the students attending to stay.

Ant stamper gets stamp of approval

My apartment has an endemic ant problem. They’re little brown ants, and I cite shit design and construction of the abode. Only a brain-challenged dim-wit could fail to make mitred corners, and then forget to chalk the gaps.

The ‘ant stamper’ in question is in fact my preventitive medicine for my asthma. About as tall as a thumb, and 25mm round. Handling on an almost daily, sometimes a minute by minute basis never fails to get me to take my medication. Asthma, here, has been no problem , thanks to the the little brown (squashed) ants.

I’m a gamer, it’s a gaming machine

More like something to amuse the drunks on their way home. Based on timing to object was to manoever the plunger first laterally then vertically. Upon release, the plunger goes through the hole, pushing the prize out the back and down the chute.

Looking at the 2GB SD card, the lure of easily acquiring something like that for as little as 2000won was too great. 3000won later with nothing to show for except a suspicion that though my timing wasn’t on the dot, the gaming mechanism was rigged in their favour. In the next week, on my friends urging I plugged yet another 1000won into a machine opposite, with no result. The game was a dud, producing no action whatsoever. We shuffled off home.

As far as infrastructure goes, it has super loo status

Eumseong has one of the best kept infrastructures of all the towns I’ve lived in in Korea. This toilet is for public use, and is quite possibly the only loo I’ve seen (anywhere) lit up with more bling lights than my laptop and even has CCTV as well.

It compares well with the one in Taupo, New Zealand. The only exception is that the one in Taupo is not just a loo, but also has showers. Just in case you have an accident.

Airport layovers and stop overs, I’m not taking it lying down

When I was a student I went to Christchurch to particpate in the Student games. Massey won the team Épeé competition, and by some miracle I manage to win the beginners climbing comp. There was all of two people.

Flushed with success but with nothing to do, I headed off to the airport four hours early. I can tell you from experience there was bugger all to do. There was an ATM machine to play with, but for some reason, it kept on winning.

My wife has gone off to Incheon airport for a 4am flight back to Shenyang. She’d told me that she would be watching movies that she’d downloaded beforehand. So she’s going to spend the time waiting cuddling up to the power outlet.

But perhaps the star award goes to this guy I’d met on the training course. He’d spent overnight in Seoul station, waiting for the early train to Daejeon. That’s bum central. They didn’t bother him, all they did was play cards. He said that he refused to get a hotel room for just 5 hours.

Given a five hour layover, what would you do?