Vegging-out, The Young ones recalled

20180906_194522 edit (Domestic scenes, mostly vege)

Partly artistic in form but also a very bad homage to the The Young ones. In particular, the episode, ‘boring’. This had a short scene (played with puppets no less) in that a fridge is opened and to which the vegetables start talking to the user. I haven’t had that experience just yet. I don’t think I’m tired or sleepy enough to have that sort of hallucination. When that happens, it may well be time to go food shopping.

Screenshot_2018-09-09 the young ones interesting part 1 of 3 - YouTube

Get your greens here

20180824_155016 (City Green)

A Ginga and, fizzy

Ginga and fizzy.jpgA new (and admittedly sweet) discovery was Watson’s Ginger beer. I’d found it at the local Aeon supermarket. The Ginger beer was no Bundaberg beer, but still tasted of Ginger. Perhaps formulated to Asian tastes? Not as syrupy, but still tasting of Ginger. Ice cold it makes a nice change from the normal fizzy drinks around. And unique, since it was the only Ginger beer available.

On a cultural side note. The term Ginga is the less than complimentary name for someone endowed with a Ginger genetic disposition. (Red hair and freckles). It’s caused by a recessive gene that equals to about 1-2% of the population.

Too far, too sweet

Too far, too sweet.jpgA trip revealed some interesting differences between Hong Kong and Guangzhou. For one, the range of confectioneries available for those inclined was almost expansive. I say this because after a while one wants a variety. Even though this too, was a 7-11, it had a different offering of snacks. Cadbury’s for one. In particular, Cadbury’s chocolate bars. All I could find was Nut and raisin, and as to other bars, Picnic was another one that I liked. Looking at the photograph that I took, I can just feel my teeth getting cavities just by looking at it too intently.

Weapons grade cleaner, it came in one size

When it comes to cleaning, this powder is weapons grade.  Left in a sink with the exit closed off, this cleaner with a bit of water, will rent the metal surrounds of the sinkhole. I was so pleased to find it on the supermarket shelves again.

Easier to find than Iraq’s nuclear weapons, the granules inside of the container can be dissolved and made up to as strong or as weak as you like. When it comes to cleaning the bathroom, I prefer the cleaner to be as strong it can so as to make light work of it.

With no choice than to buy the bumper pack, I took it off the shelf I was grateful that it had a handle to carry it with.

Memories of a New Zealand Summer, pity it’s Autumn

Following the appearance of Mainland cheese in a Suwon E-mart, imagine my surprise when I found New Zealand beer on the shelves of a different supermarket. Not just any NZ beer, but a beer that I actually like. Monteith’s, was a boutique brewery that had started on the West coast of New Zealand. But in it’s rising popularity it was bought out by the Brewing giant, Dominion Breweries in Auckland. This seemed to be part of a consolidation of the brewing industry. Smaller breweries were bought out by the giants corporations. The underlying thought seemed to me was “we don’t need any creativity anymore, we just buy new ideas.”

There were only four bottles on the shelf, so that’s how many I got.

More cheese than enough

IMG_3884EDITThe quest for cheese is never ending in the land of kim-chi and rice. When I  first came to Korea, all you could get was Bega cheese. But Shopping in the E-mart in Suwon, I not any found cheese, but cheese from  New Zealand. Definitely step up from the Bega cheese usually on offer or the other cheeses on offer from the EU.