20190502_175019 (Bite sized)


Hwang, strong

20181213_200432 (Total concentration)

Iskender, stripey and delicious

20181105_170806 Iskender (2)

Iskender recipe.


20181015_154439 (Eagarly, awaiting)

Opening, soon

20181008_123004 (Opening soon. Yum)

Golden, and delicous

20180919_081347 (Tots)

Vegging-out, The Young ones recalled

20180906_194522 edit (Domestic scenes, mostly vege)

Partly artistic in form but also a very bad homage to the The Young ones. In particular, the episode, ‘boring’. This had a short scene (played with puppets no less) in that a fridge is opened and to which the vegetables start talking to the user. I haven’t had that experience just yet. I don’t think I’m tired or sleepy enough to have that sort of hallucination. When that happens, it may well be time to go food shopping.

Screenshot_2018-09-09 the young ones interesting part 1 of 3 - YouTube