Barbecue, in a Cantonese marketplace

ƒ/1.8, 1/5, 50 mm, ISO3200

Rustic and home spun, barbecue in Yangji marketplace, Guangzhou.

We, are not amused

A customer patiently awaits for his meal.

Samsung S8
f 1/7, 1/100 ISO 50

Trials, of motherhood

Sometimes it’s all about timing.

Center stage

20190913_114458 (Center stage)


20190502_175019 (Bite sized)

Hwang, strong

20181213_200432 (Total concentration)

Iskender, stripey and delicious

20181105_170806 Iskender (2)

Iskender recipe.


20181015_154439 (Eagarly, awaiting)

Opening, soon

20181008_123004 (Opening soon. Yum)

Golden, and delicous

20180919_081347 (Tots)