Sunset blossom, cheery

Cherry blossom flash.jpgThe cherry blossoms had finally bloomed and I had dragged my camera out for a shortish bout of photography. Given that the sun was setting I had a little light to play with and also given that it was a stock lens, the result is what you see here. In order to stabilise the camera I lent up against the side of the apartment, so that all I had to worry about was, was the vertical axis to prevent shaking.

Flash new camera, shooting for the stars

Possibly Jupiter and it's moons

The difference between my new camera, and my older camera is almost light years.

Coupled with my also newly acquired super-snooper lens, it produces clear, bright and colourful pictures. Good for when I’m taking photos for the cricket team. I’ve always considered getting the photo right then and there in-situ. It saves me a lot of time, because all of the photos have come out. No need for editing. Less angst when there’s 100 or more photos to doctor.

With a better sensor, I can set the camera on semi-automatic mode and literally fire away.

It makes an unbettable combination.

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I’ve got a 55mm. *Put your lens cap back on!*

To be seen touting a digital camera in Korea these days is a show of prestige. The digital camera has become an accessory. Something to casually sling over one shoulder, I’ve even seen people take them to the supermarket. If it’s not to take pictures of their kids while they rifle through the stock, then what? Corporate espionage for the opposition?

If it were a professional type camera body (i.e. big and heavy) then I might take more notice. Think of 1-2kg instead of 0.7kg for a sub-frame camera. Not to mention more than four times the price for the professional camera. What would impress me even more if you were able to carry it for a whole day without complaint.

Point & shoot feat the sun

One of the views from the landing in front of my apartment is the sunset. It’s one of my favourite subjects for photography at the moment. It’s actually for the moment I shoot the picture for. The window of opportunity is only about 5 minutes when the sky around the sun turns into a blaze of red and orange.

A touch of envy, I was just looking


Luckily the catalogue was well endowed with pictures, as it was Korean catalogue showing Canon cameras and accessories.

Being rather strapped for cash at the moment (overheads of renting the chateau in Seoul).

Just seeing the catalogues was pain in itself.