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The delivery boys


Duckman goes fowl

No, not the animated series but someone who sells ducks, and other bird related poultry. Still, it strikes me as a very traditional vocation. It also strikes me as also a very visceral way of getting meat on the table.

As to the animated series, Duckman was more for adults because of it’s themes. Duckman was vocally portrayed by Jason Alexander, Duckman was a slightly intellectually under-powered, sex-obsessed private detective. His world was a dis-topian one to say the least. The series producers Peck, Reno, Osborn, Klusky and Csupo were responsible, Klusky and Csupo were also associated with Rugrats and plenty of other animated cartoons. Quite a divergence.

Something old, something new

Guangzhou, like most (if not all) of China is modernizing it’s infrastructure by building newer buildings. New and ultra-swanky is one thing, but to uproot whole districts and put them into apartment blocks is the current trend. The displaced villagers are now novel-rich property owners overnight. This fact sadly means that they sometimes have ethics of a beggar when coming to money.

New apartments overlooking, shades of the old village

Still, I’ve walked around old established areas of Guangzhou and felt a sense of community and belonging. Photographically, it leads to some very interesting juxtaposition of buildings and people.

Old and new buildings along the Pearl river, Guangzhou, China.

Just like rock ‘n’ roll

The center of attention

Showing signs of life