Strongly built, well, blow me down

I was just surprised at the fore-thought shown by the builders. The door looked sturdy, in fact bomb-shelter sturdy. After a certain amount of thought, they are shelters not to protect against the splinters of war, but more of the debris of a typhoon.

I know for a fact that Singapore, in all of it’s preparedness, also has storm shelters built into their subway system. Built for another reason, they come equipped with showers, beds and even airlocks.

Feed me!


Specialisation being what it is in the Yangji market place in Guangzhou, there are even shops that only sell pet food. As for the cats, they didn’t get fed.

I, spy

A game of Mah-jong. This looks like a completely legit game of it, with no gangsters or heavies to be seen. Still, what’s more innocent than a group of senior citizens playing a game of their youth?

Knee high

Hot on the trail

Hard graft, a clean sweep

In the first ever photowalks in Guangzhou, I came upon a young boy and his mother. Perfect subjects for street photography I thought. It was 5 or so minutes before I moved on, but enough to surmise a story of the pair. I’m not sure that the mother owned the store where they were sweeping up leaves in front of, but it was certainly a case of monkey see, monkey do. By all means the mother (and I guess the father as well) are hard working Guangzhou-ites more keen on money than the time to spend it. Work-life balance anyone?

Flashy, but undeveloped

One of my first reactions to this was, wow! It certainly is an unusal piece of infrastructure to see, and probably the most mobile. Where it was placed, it was ‘controlling’ a straight stretch of road, albeit a busy one. It looked like one of the first efforts to recreate a dalek, only this one wasn’t successfull. No dalek ‘bumps’.


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