Old methods, new equipment

I’ve been acupunctured before but not in Mainland China. As far as traditional medicine goes, I think it has some basis to it. In theory at least.

My first experience with acupuncture was for my asthma. I hate needles, and eyeing up the needles, the very thought running through my mind was “geez, those are really long needles”. But once they’re in, it’s something you can get used to. However, I tend to be wary of assistants or anyone in the proximity with fast and jerk movements. Then came the herbal cigars (for the insertion points) and electro-stimulation. All in all a relaxing process in a forced kind of way but, in no-way did it help my asthma. Not. One. Bit.

But in reference to the photo, they were obviously renovating their surgery.

Cementus toadstooli

Deep in conference

Memories for sale

Seen on the side of a right-of-way, possibly long lost relatives.

die tür, to the infinite

Puffball, fluffy and delicious

Fluffy looking, and when newly steamed, light and delicious. Shown above here is, correct me if I’m wrong,  the mainland version. The one I’d always known looked like a, well, a tit. Replete a single red spot in the middle to signify that it was char siu bau and not the significantly less desirable “two spot”, red bean bau. This was the type my grandmother used to make, the sort more commonly found in Hong Kong.

Freshly steamed, char siu bau are for me, a handy portable treat ideal for those walks to the metro station and to work.

I tells ya, I’ve been FRAMED


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