Kids at play

The lonely sky

The candyman

A confectioner, really. He was really pleased to make a sale and, the sesame treat that my colleague had bought was only 10 kwai. Compare this with the store-bought sweets, and you have a contrast that’s almost night and day.

Lets eat. Just not reindeer, ok?/ Feeding the masses

Eating streets are very common in China. This is one of them, in Chengdu, by the local university. The patrons can eat from a wide range of local foods. Noodles included, which my colleague had chosen. I had bought a passionfruit drink, which as it turned out was from a bottle of concentrate, much like jam from a jar is kept. A spoonful of ‘jam’ is mixed in water and served as a drink once it was suitably sealed in a plastic cup and cover. My colleague also went off to get a drink, obviously the noodles were too spicy. Chengdu food is like that.


Well dressed, standin’ tall

The attraction of yellow

Distortions over breakfast