Dirty laundry, not for public specticle

High rise-living often leads to no backyard and no way, but to improvise and make-do.

Parking space, bombs not included

Underground carparks seemed to be common place, but what was surprising to this writer was the dual use of some of them. As written earlier, a shelter from the storm, or protection from something more man-made?



Chinese laundry

Specialities, galore

Straw shoes?

On the face of it, this shop only seemed to sell lanterns. As noted in an earlier post, shops in Guangzhou seem to have very narrow specialities. The shop next door to them, sold only umbrellas. Most certainly understandable as, Guangzhou can, at times, be a very wet place to live in. As for lanterns, the occasion only comes once a year. Maybe twice.

and umbrellas?

Straw shoes and umbrellas: A Korean folk tale telling of two brothers. One who sold straw shoes, the other, umbrellas. One trade favoured the wet (umbrellas) while the favoured hot, dry weather (straw shoes). Their mother despaired that neither could prosper at the same time.


The fall guy, falling?

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Without a doubt, almost every city in the world has one. Go to the top, and have a good look around. That’s just what I did, until that is, I looked down. It’s one of those melting moments when you can’t move, because something else has your attention. All in all, it was a nice afternoon out.

I can see for miles and miles…


The big push, to work

All eyes on the fringe

A street hairdresser, what else can go wrong?


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