Nothing, but a song and dance

20190209_184232 (Nothing but a song and dance)

A helping hand

20190209_184723 (a Helping hand)

Going off

IMG_0623 ready IMG_0624 steady


Fun, at the end

Lunar new year is signified with fireworks, and dragon dancers. Evidently the evil spirits of the old year are scared away by the loud, loud noise of the fireworks. Red, meaning and prosperity, coincidentally is the same colour as the fireworks. Often, there is strong community involvement.


Dragon dancers at the ready.


IMG_0642 IMG_0646 IMG_0653


Liwan district, graceful

Liwan district is an part of Guangzhou that has been well kept and still has people living in it. Very narrow streets characterize the architecture while, the size of the homes seem to denote another time in Guanghzou’s living past.

Living door-to-door, the streets aren’t very wide.

Ancestor worship and Lunar new year placards adorn the frontage of a home.

The lanes are narrow, but never lonely.

Technology tries to ensnare the homes with it’s black wire.

But there is always a way to escape.

Hooked into the system.

Anachronisms are everywhere.

Everyday life, on display.


The signs of life are everywhere.

People find places for most everything.

Shops are wardrobe sized, cats have sitting room only.

Flower girl

Flower girl.jpg

Happy festival, ends with a bang,

It’s a yearly pilgrimage to my wife’s home town in Shenyang. In staying there, I go to parties, visiting relatives of my wife’s and of course, the letting off of fireworks. Huge ones. It’s almost like burning money at the price a single firework goes for.

Mortar boxes, used.

Even my father-in-law and I got into it, but at a smaller scale. He and I proceeded to let off firecrackers. Firstly individually, and then the whole lot. I always feel a certain amount of tension holding a firecracker before hastening to throw it away. This year the people who manage the apartment complex decided to put up glowing LED lights on one wall. It was in Chinese, and to me, looked like a mass of glow in the dark spaghetti that had been spattered up on a wall.

But by all means people come out and let off fireworks. Loads of fun. 🙂