No shuffling, Line dancing I do

IMG_2420 EDIT Shuffle not, line dance I do

Full-tilt retail

20190224_134214 Full till retail

Car parking

20181101_173346 (Come to the carpark)


20180930_204750_2 Play

Center stage

IMG_20180729_195633 (Center stage)

An assortment of Korean drums, but, center stage is what’s called the “Jang Gu” (장구). This is what I think of when Korean music is mentioned. Oh, and what they pass for cymbals, or a Kkwaenggwari. What looks like a steep-sided soup bowl entirely made of brass. Well played it’s good. When it’s not, descent can be heard for miles around. But, back to the Korean drum band, they were entertaining.

Waiting, for the OK

20180525_132219 (Waiting for the Ok) (2)


IMG_20180320_204352 (Advance)

I’m not having it

IMG_20180310_101934 (I'm not having it)


IMG_20180213_142649 (Busy)


IMG_20180211_192013 Even more Entitled

If so entitled, why take the bus?