Healthy aubergine, deep fried in bacon fat

IMG_1481Thegreensattheback_zps20f71638.jpgA balanced diet isn’t just a pie in each hand. Not that pies are ever common in South Korea. Those I have bought are the size of your palm and, in my opinion over-priced. But in cooking today’s Sunday breakfast, it’s bacon and eggs all the way with some sort of vegetable to balance out the nutritional table. The vegetable is also fried, I mean, lets not get too obsessed with dietary matters. The veggie of choice today was aubergine, or, eggplant. I’ve been hashing out how to cook vegetables in the fry pan without resorting to burning them so that they come out some blackened, shriveled, shadow of it’s former self. Broccoli has to be steamed first and then ‘panned’ so as when you bite it, it won’t have the mouth feel of a moistened tree branch.

IMG_1477Intothepan_zps94ecf445.jpgToday, I tried frying aubergine in the copious amounts of bacon fat you get when you fry up a rasher of bacon. The result was something that was reasonably browned, soft and a little bit salted. Thought part of the tomato preparation (cherry tomatoes, halved or crushed, sea salt and a table spoon if balsamic vinegar) did impart a mellow sourness to the aubergine. For some reason, balsamic vinegar makes everything good.