Nothing, to waist

20180723_152658 (waist not, want not)

Corner shop, a recipe


Even with the advent of supermarkets, corner shops still manage to get by, selling all sorts of Cantonese specialties such as lap ceung (腊肠).

That reminds me of a quick, one bowl recipe involving lap ceung. Good if you’re sick, the  recipe is for one serving.
Matchstick about 1/2 a lap ceung, add to 3/4 of a bowl of steamed rice. Add a raw egg and light soy sauce to taste. Top with diced spring onion. Mix and enjoy.


IMG_20180211_192013 Even more Entitled

If so entitled, why take the bus?

Not cheesy, just mild in flavour

This time in Cheonan city, in Northern Chunchungnam province, I found packs of Anchor cheese. Almost a whole selection of cheeses. This time I chose the mild flavour, since I’d had the Colby (which was quite nice) before. Thinking there would also be also Kiwi beer beer section in the beer section; there was none. But there were many foreign beers. Looking on the expanded shelves of beers on offer, I spent a few minutes and eventually settled on a Paulander Hefe-Weissbier Naturtrüb, Weissbier.

Memories of a New Zealand Summer, pity it’s Autumn

Following the appearance of Mainland cheese in a Suwon E-mart, imagine my surprise when I found New Zealand beer on the shelves of a different supermarket. Not just any NZ beer, but a beer that I actually like. Monteith’s, was a boutique brewery that had started on the West coast of New Zealand. But in it’s rising popularity it was bought out by the Brewing giant, Dominion Breweries in Auckland. This seemed to be part of a consolidation of the brewing industry. Smaller breweries were bought out by the giants corporations. The underlying thought seemed to me was “we don’t need any creativity anymore, we just buy new ideas.”

There were only four bottles on the shelf, so that’s how many I got.

Worlds collide, South Korea meets “Trumpet”

Whenever I go food shopping, I have to resist from buying an ice-cream at the end of it. I guess it’s habitual, since whenever I’ve taken my meds, I’ve also eaten something sweet at the end of it. Sort of a reward for doing a task.

The target of my affections that is, is ‘World cone’. It’s a cone type ice-cream a little bit like a Tip-top Trumpet. Made famous by Rachel Hunter, who went on to do bigger and better things.

World cone has chocolate top and bottom, and nuts on the top. you can tell if the cone has been in the freezer for too long when the cone isn’t crisp any more.

Two glasses made a six pack interesting

I have very fond memories of Asahi. Though Asahi dry is not my favourite, Sapporo gold cup is. The only problem with that is that ‘Gold cup’ comes in this huge pint can. It’s a little too much to drink in one sitting on my own. More about Japanese beer can be found here.

Seen on a pallet at the Home plus in Cheong-ju, were the Asahi and the imputis to make me buy a six pack. I had intially wanted to buy just a single bottle of Hoegaarden.