IMG_0278 Faithful

Twilight, photography and workflow

IMG_0136 Twilight (2)

Quite often, I’m on the road. My only camera stems from my smartphone. Seldom I take my DSLR because of it’s weight penalties but, it does produce nice photos, like the one above. Combine this with a laptop or a windows tablet and you have the tools to process photos back in the hotel room. Or plane which is where, this one was processed. The photos get to see the light of day, and I get to be engaged while flying from point A to point B.



Base material for editing

My editing software isn’t very sophisticated (a bit like the photographer) but, I do use Canon’s Digital photo professional to modify and convert .CR2 files (Canon’s version of RAW files) to something that looks nice. I have to admit a learning curve that has taken years to evolve but, it has worthwhile results that I finally like.

The pain, of anticipation

IMG_20180125_115228 (The pain of anticipation)


IMG_20180122_215859 (Numbers)


IMG_0132 (Ambivalance)

Reflective, and looking on

IMG_20180120_112643 (Reflective and looking on)

The old, new, and the girl


Through, the market place

IMG_0250 Through

I am, not!

IMG_0235 I am NOT!

Not, just a painted face

IMG_0277 Painted Jezzabel

Decadent wedding photos fit for a Queen.